You're the pilot

I am flying to Montreal to teach a Coaching workshop for a well known Canadian company.  I love flying.  I don't know about you, but for me there is something wonderful about soaring above the clouds.  For starters, it's always sunny and the view is amazing! It's always a great place to think, because there are no errands to run, no dinner to cook or dishes to wash, no laundry, no phone calls to make, no banking to do.  I love it!  All I can do, is enjoy the perspective ... okay, I also like contemplating my life.  I like to think about all sorts of things.  I think about the people who touch my life, the things I do or have done that are unique to me and how I can live my life with more intention.

Flying gives a perspective easily forgotten in busy lives - there is so much more to our world than our own day-to-day routines.  A lot of us let our ourselves get caught in the net of "the everyday" and sometimes in a bland comfort zone.  But what are we missing by staying within our own self inflicted boundaries?  Sure, we think we are in control, but of what?  Is our life the way we really, really want?  Or just the way it has turned out?

When we live the way we want, on our terms, doing what matters to us and doing this consciously, we live our life with intention.  Not fluke.  Not convenience.  Not "just getting by".  Not just from one weekend to the next. We become the pilot of our lives! And guess what, when you are the pilot, you can fly anywhere you want to!

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