Spring time – a time for new beginnings. 

Vancouver, the city I live in, is awaking from what seems like an eternity of rain and cold.  But now, cherry and plum blossoms are everywhere and the air is filled with the anticipation of the season to come.  I could not think of a better time to start my first blog. “What do I plan to write about”, you might ask?  That’s a great question!  One I also asked myself when I had “the link” added on my website.  

Here is my answer: I will write what comes to mind; what is front and center; what is current and fresh in my life and what I think needs to be said.  But just as importantly, I will write about what is back of mind, what wants to shy away from center stage, what has history and what some might consider better left unsaid. 

What would you write about if you had a blog?  Or better yet, go ahead and start one.  Play with it.  Explore with it. Reach out and let it be a way to connect with people you know … or don’t know yet.

Spring is a perfect time for new beginnings.  What will you begin this spring?

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  1. Hello beautiful coaching friend!

    I've found writing a blog to be the most useful, creative thing I've done in a long time. A guy behind me at the grocery store yesterday "ahem"ed me since I was busy writing in my mind and wasn't paying attention to my groceries. Your site is beautiful.

    Happy spring!